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Two Bonsai for a gallery of Portulacaria Afra.

Two trees absolutely magnificent in a very rare style  to see in this species.
Two works with a ten years of training, conducted in Europe, incredibly in northern Germany, where the winters are quite strict and even temperatures well below the neutral degree of  Mister Anders Celsius.

The author is a man who will talk about their magnificent work and  explained how to create the species in your region.
Use the trees as Bonsai Indoors, in a room half the year when temperatures are lower.
Moving outdoor it from April, in early Spring in Central Europe.

"... the trees are standing in my garden from April to October.
In the winter time they are in the house in a bright, cool room...

Two Bonsai  drawing in style from large trees in nature, where Karl-Heinz G. take inspiration for her works :

"... I try to reproduce large trees from the wild with my little trees.
I run frequently in nature and study the tree structures.
This is especially good when the trees are without leaves.

And to put in the gallery of this species of Bonsai Kintall.
The author of these two works  sent me photos taken by him in currently days.

The first  Bonsai  was bying purchased as a pre Bonsai in 2000 in a specialty store at   10 years of age.

As to Portulacaria thinner as he calls,the author of the drawing was done starting the training at a pruning will be 9 years ago (2001).

Two works that I think are worthy of any Bonsai Gallery of this species, and that will be placed in the gallery of Kintall  at this link:


With a huge congratulations to Karl-Heinz G. the owner and author of Bonsai, and a personal note to your sympathy in sending images of trees, as well as information about the work and the treatment that provides them with a climate so different from where the species originated.

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