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The first one  that is in training for about 20 years, and owned by the current vice-president (2010) of the "Treasure Coast Bonsai Society "of the United States of America

 J.J. & Richard Turner

Here in an exhibition organized by the Club of Florida,in anual "Flower and Garden Festival " at Epcot Center in Disney World.
Fotographis : May 2009

Speaking and building a gallery of Portulacaria afra Bonsai is almost
Jim Smith

 A pioneer in this specie in Bonsai and most certainly,the cause of as many fans on the same as Bonsai, after running the world in books and magazine covers their work.That began in 1960 until the present day.

Has a magnificent collection appraised in many countries and by several people.
Currently with 85 years (2010) has put its entire collection for sale in your "Bonsai farm".
Obviously, a gallery must have the trees of this big master North American.

Training Began: 1960
 Collected from a nursery

Training Began: 1978
Pictured in "Bonsai the arte and techenique" by Dorothy S. Young, page 107 as it looked in 1981

Training Began at 1979
and one of which is already sold

Foto 2008 "Flower and Garden Festival " in Epcot Center at Disney World

 Training Began in 1979
Date of Origin: 1962

 Training Began in 1980
Foto : Excibition in National Bonsai Museum -Washington 2007

Moshe Emergui
Foto: 2005

Suchitha Reddy
Foto 2005

Ricardo Zamora
Foto: 2005

Two jobs with the species of Martín Rodríguez performed in the Canarias Islands(Spain).
The first with 48 cm high and the second with 40 cm.

Photo: Exhibition Tenerife (Canary Islands - Spain) - August 2010

2009 photo of the author

 Of the master from Porto Rico
Pedro J.Morales
Here in a foto at International Exhibition Bonsai Slovakia

Nelson Hernandes
Porto Rico
Foto: BCI - FELAP  2007

Mrs. Mangala Rao Nilangekar (India)
instructor of Ohara school of Ikebana, in Japan since year 1986 two trees of his private collection

Photo of the author, held in 2009

Photo of the author, held in 2009

Rene Campora
Dominican Republic
A Bonsai with only 5 years of training, here in the "6th National Festival of Plants and Flowers" in November 2009

Author : Leroy Fujii
Died in 1998 some of the trees it was donated to the
Huntington Botanical Garden (USA)

Here a photo of 1999

From Germany two Bonsai at same author.
The first trained by the current owner since 2000 after being acquired in a specialty store as pre-bonsai.
The second with 9 years of training, worked for a tronk of a pruning.
Karl-Heinz G. (Germany)

Photo of the author: 2010

Photo of the author: 2010

From India Master Bonsai
Jyoti Parekh
 from his private collection

Author and owner
 Ronn Miller
"Bonsai Societies of Florida"

Approximate Age : 50 years
"Flower and Garden Festival " at Epcot Center in Disney World.
May 2008

Cape Caneveral exhibition
Foto : Wil James

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David Barbero 29 de janeiro de 2010 às 10:40  

galeria excelente Rodrigo, o felicita.

Rodrigo Sousa 2 de fevereiro de 2010 às 05:44  

Mas pocos años y tu Jade tambien vay a conocer muchas Galerias,estoy seguro!!

Un abrazo de Portugal.
Y muchas gracias por las palabras.
Amigo David.
Rodrigo Sousa

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