domingo, 13 de janeiro de 2008

Bonsai , iniciou-se na India?

Será que o Bonsai tem os seus primordios na India ?

Parte de um artigo de Nikunj & Jyoti Parekh ,na revista BCI "Bonsai Magazine" de Agosto de 1998.

About Bonsai in India

One theory about the beginning of Bonsai is that it actually originated in India. Ancient ayurvedic physicians carried back shoots from medicinal trees from the Himalayas and grew them in miniature forms in pots by trimming and cutting back the roots, the tulsi being a good example of this. In the 12th century Bonsai in India was known as Vamanatanu Vrikshadi Vidya which translates as the science of dwarfing trees.


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