quarta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2008

Memorial Bonsai...

Brooklyn Botanic Garden (EUA)


Legenda do Bonsai/foto que se encontra em exposição junto com os restantes Bonsai(vivos).

---  Legend has it that this tree, already with many centuries of life behind it, was removed from its mountain home above the Itokawa River by an old man, Tahei, in 1858.
It eventually became part of the famous collection of the world renowned bonsaiman, Mr. Kyuzo Murata, in Omiya, Japan.
Sadly the tree died in 1971, some months after arriving from Japan. As a conservative estimate of its age, arrived at by counting its annual growth rings, "Fudo" lived some 800 years. ---

Toda a historia desta arvore/foto (click)

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